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Kanab Hiking Tips – How to Keep your Food from Other Creatures in the Woods

Kanab Hiking Tips – How to Keep your Food from Other Creatures in the Woods

It is necessary to bring food with you on your outdoor activities and food smells delicious. When visiting Kanab Utah, people usually come here to experience the outdoors, to go hiking, biking and backpacking. So safety is of utmost importance if you are to stay a couple of days (and nights) in the woods. Remember this isn’t your home where you can stay at ease and feel at home. Somebody else lives here and whatever you do, brings disturbance to all inhabitants in the woods. Likewise, aromatic foods make them whet their palate and they could come to you in search for that nice smelling food.

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As a hiker, it is your responsibility to keep these animals away from your food, from you. These animals may not be that wild but there is still the possibility they could hurt you if they do not find what they are looking for. Beside, human food is not actually appropriate for these animals to eat. And making them dependent on people could pose a problem in the long run.

Common areas frequently visited by hikers are prone to be invaded by scavengers who are in search for food. Keep yourselves and your food safe from these scavengers. Thus, take extra care when handling your food to avoid spills and dispose of your leftovers and spoilt food properly. Likewise, avoid spilling food on your trails.

The following are tips you can do to shoo away unwanted visitors looking for food:

  • Whatever food you bring in, you bring out with you: It is best to only bring food that you all like so you do not have to throw away food that got spoiled because nobody wants to eat it. In addition, do not bring food that easily spoils. Otherwise, when it does, you will just throw the food away and that would invite these unwanted visitors. In case of left overs, spoilage or spillage, have a trash bag where you can put these food.
  • Keep your food in safe place; unreachable by animals: Do not leave food very accessible to animals at the campsites. Mice and bears are the more common campsite visitors aside from humans. Mice and other creatures can surreptitiously chomp your belongings looking for food to eat.  Mice are very dangerous creatures as their poop and urine can contaminate your food and could cause serious health problems to humans. You can keep your food safely inside a bear bag and including some items with distinct smells like deodorants and toothpastes among others.  Tie the bear bag to one end of a rope; throw the other end of the rope over a branch of a tree. Have the bag lifted from the ground by at least 12 ft. Tie the other end around the trunk of the tree to secure.  
  • Have a separate sleeping area away from your cooking and eating area: As a precautionary measure, keep your sleeping area a bit far from your cooking and eating area. Most often, food are very aromatic. And this aroma takes time to fade. It will be easier for unwanted visitors to follow the smell and get to you. You would not want to be awoken at the middle of the night by one of these unwanted visitors scavenging your belongings.

Finally, have your stuff sacks labeled or color coded for easier access when the need for the particular items arises. This will save you a lot of time and effort. Hiking and exploring the outdoors here in Kanab is so exciting as long as you’re prepared beforehand to be safe.